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Becci Johnstone Kick Starts Visionathon on Rise and Shine

by | Tue, Nov 14 2023

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Becci Johnstone, former host of Rise and Shine, joined DJ and Felicia on Rise and Shine on a call from New Zealand to kick start Visionathon with the team.

Visionathon is absolutely amazing! I know Vision listeners get behind it, and I know Vision is out there touching people’s lives, and it touches the people who sit in the studio as well,’ said Becci. ‘Vision is out there pointing us all in the right direction, lighting that path for us to follow. So, just when you’re feeling a bit discouraged, that song comes on the radio, and God gets you back on track.’

Many Vision supporters have shared how the power of the right word at the right time, whether it’s through music, encouraging conversations or friendly voices on the radio, has made their day or got them through a tough time.

Becci shares how working at Vision impacted her spiritual growth. While she was a Christian when she joined Rise and Shine, she recalls going through a stage when she felt like she was just going through the motions.

‘You’re not as on fire as you were when you first went up for your altar call. And life gets you down, you’ve got kids and everything,’ said Becci.

A Vision supporter sent Becci a little box of Bible verses to read each day. Something as simple as having this little box on your table to prompt you to read and meditate on a Bible verse helps enormously.

Focus on the Family was also a great source of help to Becci. Brett and Kate would recommend devotionals for Becci to do with her kids.

‘All these things got to be an everyday part of my life,’ said Becci. ‘We did the Bible reading plan together, and I read the Bible verses out twice because I might have read them wrong. But, we all got there in the end.’

‘Vision is family where we’re actually helping each other. The scriptures tell us to do that. Iron sharpens iron. We encourage each other and build each other up in the faith?’ said Phil Edwards, Vision’s CEO. ‘There’s also a whole lot of people that are sort of leaning over the fence and listening to this conversation. Maybe they’re in that place where they haven’t really had that understanding that they can have a relationship with God. And there’s something different about these people.’

‘Your support right now will help us to continue in this mission that we have to take the good news of God to every corner of Australia. It’s your support that makes Vision possible, So’ your donation right now will help somebody that you’ll probably never meet. But I tell you, they’ll be forever grateful that you chose to respond,’ said Phil.

Special announcement!

A generous Vision partner has offered to pay for copies of the new Plain English Version of the Bible, distributed through Bible League, to be given to support the work of Indigenous evangelists in Australia. Each person who donates, whether $10 or $10,000, will be putting a Bible into the hands of an Indigenous Australian.

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