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Becoming a Good Financial Steward

by | Fri, Oct 28 2022

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Many of us have difficulty becoming good financial stewards. But having some strategies for life and business can definitely help us get through these times of rising living costs. To succeed and expand the Kingdom, community, training, and support are all essential.

Wez Hone recently joined the hosts of Momentum to share his passion for educating Christians in business with the right tools to win. Wez teaches business groups and churches all over Australia, and is the founder of Kingdom Business Global.

Wez believes his assignment in life is to advance the kingdom by advancing small and medium business owners. He advises owners on how to run profitable, scalable businesses that provide them with the resources to finance both strategic initiatives and the influence to change culture.

God’s Model

‘I’d always been a business person before I became a Christian,’ says Wez. ‘I really thought business would give me everything I needed. If I wanted a bigger house, I just built a bigger business. And then, of course, the minute I came to Christ, I started pouring into the Scriptures and realising God’s model is very different to the one that I saw in the world around me.’

Three weeks after coming to Christ, Wez began to ask God to show him something more. He wanted to do something that was strategic, outcome-driven and that moved the needle on the kingdom. ‘God showed me that I would start a training academy for Christian entrepreneurs,’ says Wez, ‘which I loved. Business was my world, but it also freaked me out because it was quite a heavy call. For eight years I worked out who God was and how His Kingdom operated. Then in 2013, we launched.’

‘I personally believe that if saving is not in you now,’ says Wez, ‘then wealth creation is not for you later. That’s irrespective of amount. If you’re living on Centrelink and that’s where you find yourself right now or you are living below the poverty line, you’ve still got to find a way to save. It might mean taking a second job. But the discipline of saving has to be in you.’

Wez also says that living off less than you earn is another good discipline. It helps us with our saving and delayed gratification is literally the most wonderful answer to winning financially. ‘Just don’t give yourself what you want,’ Wez Says. ‘Put it off. For me, I needed to grind out every dollar in business to get ahead, and I just didn’t buy the stuff while I put the money into assets.’

Financial Discipline

Again, Wez says it’s all about discipline. It’s not about the amount. It’s about the $50 and $100 decisions. The world wants to steal every little bit of money that comes in. Most of us have pets and health insurance along with houses or rentals, mortgages and cars. The world will take every spare dollar if we let it.

But Wez says we also have to make room for giving. ‘My reason for giving is because I’ve already been given it all,’ he says. ‘Jesus could do nothing for me for the rest of my life, and I’ve already had it all. We should be insanely generous. The Apostle Paul was trying to get rid of the guilt around giving and give people freedom and liberty to walk a journey with the Lord.’

‘I want to please the Lord and show my allegiance,’ Wez says. ‘So I’m always going to give more than is required. But there are other things like dividends and the end of year profit. That’s also where I would want to be generous from.’

Wez says there are obligations for directors of companies that take fiduciary duty over a business. ‘I’m going to take a portion of the profit and leave it in the business to grow so that it can do more next year. And then I’ve got to pay taxes.’

‘After that, I’ve got to make a decision with the rest. And that is where I think we can start to fund strategic initiatives.’

Listen to Wez’s full interview on Momentum below, and for more resourses on becoming a good financial steward visit our Vision Store.