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Being Ready for a New Lease of Life in Your Career

by | Tue, Dec 7 2021

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Many Australians are looking for work at the moment. But how can you be ready for the predicted changes that are coming in 2022? As we continue to emerge from the effects of COVID, favourable economic conditions have a lot of people contemplating a career change.

With vaccination mandates being imposed, there is a lot of discontent across the employment sector. Combined with uncertainty in the current job market, many Christians are wondering where God is in the midst of all this. 

Daniel Ough leads ‘Job Search Help 4u’, a free service for people who are faced with career challenges and job loss. Daniel is an internationally recognized training coach, and he is also a careers columnist and feature writer.  

Daniel says there is a missional dimension to what he does, and he joined this 20Twenty conversation to share some practical tips on how we should respond when thinking about a new job or career change. Daniel is seeing plenty of his own client’s land really good jobs.  

Transition to something new

“The word at the moment is transition,” says Daniel. “People are asking if their skills are transferable into a new role outside their normal career. Being prepared to change no matter what your age is a very important focus to have at this time.” 

People have misconceptions that when you reach a certain age, you’re not longer employable.

Sometimes as we get older our roles no longer exist. But finding the right program and support within an organization to retrain can be very exciting.  

“I would encourage people not to think about age,” Daniel says.

“Think instead what you can draw from your career and apply to something new. It can be a new lease on life.”

God with us

Daniel believes the bumps in the road are very often part of what God is bringing us through. It’s good to be aware and concerned. But Daniel encourages people to not to be desperate because there is hope in our personal faith.  

“There are people who are prepared to help you in that transition,” he says. “You need to find others who have been through that journey. You can come through into a very fulfilling new chapter of you career.” 

Career readiness means being ready to face any challenge at any time with confidence.

What do we do in order to be prepared in the event that we lose our job? Or we make a decision? We have to be prepared to train to go into a new career. 


As Christians, we should pray about our work life. We can seek for guidance on that, by talking to others.

Should we always chase the dollar? Or the next promotion? Or should we be saying, are we where God wants us to be? Those questions need to be really thought through.  

“Sometimes we have clients turn down a promotion or a job that takes them away from the Christian community that God has placed them in,” says Daniel. “It’s worth considering.”. 

Praying about our careers is so important. We need to learn how to be good listeners and hear what our counsellors and trusted friends have to say. 

“Wisdom is defined as God’s way. If you don’t know what to pray, pray for wisdom. That’s the best first step most of us will ever take.” 

To listen to the rest of Neil’s conversation with Daniel about understanding where God is when it comes to our careers, click below.   

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