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Boldly Wearing Christian Apparel

by | Wed, May 10 2023

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Soul Submitted Designs is a Christian clothing company whose passion lies in reclaiming the use of the Cross as a symbol of Christ in design. They take great care to prominently feature the Cross in their apparel, with the goal of glorifying and upholding Christ Jesus.

SSD’s creator and visionary, Adele Latu, recently joined us on 20Twenty to share the inspiration behind designing Christian apparel. SSD’s goal is to foster moments of deep reflection between the wearer and Christ through their designs.

‘The word of God says we’re to pick up our cross and carry it,’ says Adele. ‘We take the image of the cross and say, this is for Christians to wear boldly and identify with. I’m not sure there’s ever been a brand that’s actually committed to that when it comes to Christian apparel.’

Inspiration Comes From The Lord

According to Adele, her inspiration comes from the Lord and she and her team are dedicated to prayerfully producing each design. They believe that using a single colour and font style is a beautiful and effective way of communicating their message without detracting from it.

‘People wear the clothes as a representation of who they’re aligned with,’ says Adele. ‘And we pray for opportunities to be able to share Jesus. I know in my own conversion, it came down to those simple moments where someone handed me something that had the name of Jesus Christ, or spoke to me about who He was in really short snippets.’

Adele believes that as representatives of Christ, it’s important to have a daily reminder for ourselves. By putting on a shirt with a message and looking in the mirror, we can reestablish our connection with God and our role as ambassadors.

‘We’ve got multiple audiences out there,’ says Adele. ‘Some people are drawn to a cryptic message and others prefer a personal testimony. Some of the designs are subtle, but the words are still there.’

‘There is very real counsel that is given to us in the Holy Spirit, and I am wholly reliant on the Lord to be Lord of every part of my life.’

Listen to Adele’s full interview on 20Twenty below: