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Building Blocks for Biblical Money Management

by | Tue, Dec 7 2021

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What foundation should we build on in order to manage our money well? To answer that and more, joining us for this 20Twenty conversation is Alex Cook from Wealth with a Purpose. Alex is giving his perspective on what he believes are the building blocks for biblical money management.  

This an important issue that we all have to grapple with. We deal with money every day, and there are two elements that we can use as a starting point.

The first thing is how we think about money. The second thing; how we behave with money.


Alex says that these are the two big drivers of financial outcomes. When we think about money, is what we know about it true? We are influenced by things like friends, family, church and the media. But if what we know is not true, it will have a flow on effect to the way we behave with money. 

“The starting point is getting your thinking right,” says Alex.

“Society believes that we need debt in order to get ahead. But when we then look at what the Bible says, it warns us that debt can lead to slavery. The Bible takes quite a different position.”


Alex warns against becoming a slave to your mortgage, because interest rates will rise again. The challenge for believers is making sure that we have a correct view of money. We can be easily influenced, and we often don’t hold a biblical perspective of money.  


“Do you believe it’s God’s money? Or your money?”

says Alex. “Just that principle alone will shape how you think about it. If you think it’s your money, you’ll tend to think I’ll go and spend it on me.” 

“But if you take the view that it’s God’s money, you’re much more likely to glorify Him with it. You’re going to be thinking about what you can sow into and how you can be generous to people.

Having an eternal focus with money will significantly drive what you do.”


Alex believes that many Christians have very worldly financial objectives. Knowing that we’re here for a short time and we’re going to be held to account, means we should want to make a difference with what God’s given us.  


“You’ve got to involve God in your financial decision-making. Going to work and paying the bills is quite a secular thing. Yet money is a deeply spiritual issue.

Satan is trying to use money as a weapon against you. God needs to be in your money management, particularly when you’re thinking about big purchases.” 

The remarkable thing about Christianity is that God gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us. We need to realize that God is our provider. In the increasing uncertainty we face, we need to trust God with our money. We need to ask; how can I be a good steward? How can I manage what God has put into my hand?  

“The final part of that is the glorification of God,” says Alex. “God gives us money and He gives us our short time here on earth.

Once you become a believer, your goal is to glorify Him and draw people to Him. We’ve also got to do that with our money.”


Knowing our real worth as a precious child of God is the big shift. That’s why money is very spiritual. “What I really want is for you to ask yourself the question,

how is money affecting my life in terms of my relationship with God?”


“Don’t fall in love with it. Never let money take you away from your true love of God.” 

To listen to the rest of Alex’s chat with Neil about making good financial decisions, click below.

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