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Christian Health and Welfare

by | Tue, Nov 21 2023

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Effectively embracing God’s teachings in today’s culture can be challenging for Christians. What influence do education, health and welfare have in shaping how families build a strong Biblical foundation? How does our Christian responsibility and stewardship intersect with these important aspects of society?

Andrew McColl is the State Director for Queensland at Family Voice Australia. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to discuss how our dependence on the Bible can guide us towards better choices and help us be accountable for our lives.

Though we have so much technology available at our fingertips today, Andrew believes that knowledge is not always wisdom. On occasion, we will need professional help when it comes to our health. But we need to balance that in the context of taking personal responsibility for our decisions.

‘We see in Exodus Chapter One,’ says Andrew, ‘the two midwives who feared the Lord and refused to obey the government’s edicts to murder Hebrew baby boys.’ This particular law emerged from a Godless government, and we can observe similar things happening around our world today.

A Biblical Foundation

‘What we have to realise with those two ladies,’ says Andrew, ‘is that when you shift the responsibility for health away from the family, it doesn’t work out very well. Do we really want decisions about our children’s health being made by someone we’ve never met?’

While Andrew supports and appreciates the contribution of healthcare professionals, he does believe that the first responsibility for our health and well-being lies with us. When it comes to the authorities who govern our health, there needs to be a Biblical foundation.

‘That’s what those two ladies did back in Exodus One,’ says Andrew. ‘They made the decision themselves that they would not participate in what Pharaoh wanted them to. They were very brave. They took their lives in their hands. And the interesting thing about that is, if we read that text carefully in Exodus, God blessed those two women in their deception and disobedience to Pharaoh, and actually gave them children of their own.’

‘This shows us that the notion of unconditional obedience to any human authority is not found in the Scriptures.’

Listen to Andrew’s full interview on 20Twenty below: