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Christians Facing Unprecedented Persecution

by | Fri, Feb 2 2024

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Jordan Scott, a communications specialist from Open Doors, says the recently released World Watch List for 2024 reveals a stark reality – a record-breaking 365 million Christians are currently enduring severe persecution due to their faith.

This persecution involves discrimination or mistreatment rooted in factors like ethnicity and religion, and the statistics reflect levels of persecution ranging from high to extreme.

Some of the challenges encountered by those who embrace Christianity include things like suffering rejection at the hands of family or friends, to the extreme of having bounties placed on their heads.

Despite our experience of a seemingly free and democratic society here in Australia, there are profound sacrifices being made by people all around the world who choose to follow their faith.

On this episode of 20Twenty, Justin joined us to explain the stark contrast between our perceptions and the harsh realities endured by persecuted Christians, and the alarming rise in persecution faced by Christians globally.

Listen to the full interview below: