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Christians in Turkey and Syria Provide Earthquake Relief

by | Thu, Mar 16 2023

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One of the worst international disasters we have witnessed in recent history is the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Tens of thousands of people have perished or been injured, and entire cities have been destroyed as a result. There is still much work to be done in order to bring relief to those affected.

Ashley Saunders is the head of partnerships for Barnabas Aid in Australia. He has extensive experience mobilising disaster relief and aid, and he recently joined us on 20Twenty to share his insights on the unfolding human tragedy in Turkey and Syria.

‘Being able to assist Christians in different countries,’ says Ashely, ‘is putting into practice what Jesus said about loving one another. What we do with Barnabas Aid is really an extension of that. We are called to do good to all people, but we’re especially called to love our brothers and sisters in Christ.’

Listen to Ashely’s full interview on 20Twenty below: