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Concern for Australia’s Political Agenda

by | Sun, Mar 13 2022

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Australia's Political Agenda
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What ideologies drive our members of parliament? A lot of Christians would probably find the answer to that question troubling. It can be difficult to keep up with some of the seemingly crazy legislation that is put forward for debate.

One such example being discussed at the moment, is a bill to decriminalise drugs in the ACT. A Labor MP has brought forward this legislation in order to advocate for the use of recreational drugs in so-called consumable quantities.

But not everyone agrees. Martin Isles and the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) have started an online petition against the legalisation of drugs, and are giving Christians an opportunity to have their voices heard by the Australian legislative assembly.

“It’s all done under the attractive-sounding mantra that all drugs are a health issue,” says Martin. “But the Police Chief has been very articulate in his comments. Commissioner Kershaw has said that in countries where they’ve tried this, it’s been a disaster.”

Legalised drugs can create what’s known as ‘drug tourism’.  Drugs are very much a criminal issue in organised crime, as well as being a common cause of domestic violence and dangerous driving. There are also various forms of assault and murder that often have a drug connection.

“This is a very dangerous piece of legislation,” Martin says. “I don’t want to live in a city where methamphetamine is legal. Where ice is legal. That’s insane to me. I think everybody should get on and sign the petition. It really is incumbent on us to protect children and families.”

There are places in the United States where drugs are so culturally integrated that young people are walking into a store, tapping a screen and walking out with marijuana. It makes the wrong things available to the wrong people.

“There’s no doubt that some parts of the marijuana plant can offer health benefits,” says Martin. “But there’s a way that we do that in Australia. There are clinical trials to create medications that are available through a regulated system, under the supervision of a doctor. That’s how we control the abuse of drugs.”

The Christian view of creation is that it’s fallen. And Romans 8 makes it clear that creation has been subjected to the fall ever since sin came into the world. As does Genesis 3. The creation produces things now that it didn’t produce before the fall, and the Bible uses the example of thorns and thistles.

“But it’s also the use of mind-altering substances that are not good for us,” Martin says. “We have to be careful that we don’t fall into the trap of saying natural equals good. We need to treat it with wisdom and discernment.”

Martin believes that’s what’s missing in this new bill. If it goes through, the new legislation is going to have destructive effects on people’s minds and therefore people’s families.

“Christians have always had a lot to say about the innocence and the protection of children,” says Martin. “Satan is always out there looking to influence the minds of our kids. It’s up to us to be vigilant.”

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