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Cultural Marxism – Dr Kameel Majdali

by | Wed, Mar 9 2022

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Is Cultural Marxism eroding our freedoms?
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Are we all created equal? Dr Kameel Majdali from ‘Understanding the Times’ believes we are. God gave us the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But is the culture war challenging those freedoms? 

We can look to countries like America and see that society was built on that ideal. America sowed the seeds for the abolition of slavery within their founding because they believed that inalienable human rights were given by God.  

Government existed not to bestow our rights upon us, but to protect those rights. 

In the culture war, that notion is being greatly challenged. Cultural Marxism is the driving force propelling our culture and has been around for decades. Marxism is economically minded, based on the idea that everyone contributes what they can and receives what they need. It’s a utopian vision. 

 But cultural Marxism is a Godless utopian vision.  

“They believe in the equality of outcomes, not equality of opportunity as conservatives do,” says Kameel. “What it represents is pitting people, not per economic status, but segregating them according to race, gender, ethnic origin, and class warfare.” 

It started officially in Frankfurt, Germany with one of the great luminaries, Herbert Marcuse. He went to the United States with a goal of basically having a revolution based on culture and ethnicity and morality. That spawned the sexual revolution of the 1960s, where biblical morality was thrown out and sexual anarchy came into the fore. 

The untold damage this has done to marriage, to family, and to individuals is incalculable.  

It started a whole new wave of things such as race riots and protests that are very much like what we’ve seen in 2020. It’s cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated all levels of society, including sports, and the military. It infiltrates into academia, into entertainment, and yes, it even affects the church. It’s something Christians need to be aware of and discern.  

Cultural Marxism opposes freedom, faith and religion, family, private property and small business. But why oppose these things? Because if the state is going to meet all our needs, we are basically looking to statism like a Christian looks to God. If you have private property, family or faith it represents a rival allegiance to what the state wants.  

But remember, we have been given our rights by God.  

Cultural Marxists say, “You will own nothing and you’ll never be happier.” Who are some of the cultural Marxists today that we can identify? Black Lives Matter or BLM. They have been fabulously successful, especially championing the martyrdom of George Floyd. Did you know George Floyd murals were found worldwide, including in Kabul, Afghanistan, along with gay pride flags? 

“It’s not just about a racial justice group,” says Kameel. “They actually say they are cultural Marxists. They don’t believe in capitalism. They don’t believe in the nuclear family. There are virulently anti-Israel and basically they want a revolution in pure Marxist style.” 

 Critical race theory has very little to do with race, but basically teaches that white people are the oppressors, non-whites are the oppressed, and we need to rectify this deplorable situation.  

Then we have what is called political correctness. Political correctness is part of postmodernism, putting words in people’s mouths to give them a new vocabulary, so people are less oppressed. Then added to that we have cancel culture. Cultural Marxism believes that the oppressed can do no wrong and the oppressors can do no right.  

It sounds simplistic, but it catches the essence of their beliefs. But is any of this based on Biblical principles? 

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