Dan Warlow and the Worst Song Ever :-)

Vision Editorial Team | vision.org.au
Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Dan Warlow, children’s performer extraordinaire visited us in the studio today during Visionathon. Dan travels all around Australia performing and comes across Vision listeners everywhere.

I just got back from Emerald last week and was picked up in the car by the people there, and they were listening to Vision. It’s so good to have the positive messages, the fantastic music going out there to a world that so desperately needs it. There’s enough stuff out there which is not that great. And you can see it in people’s lives – They’re just sinking. It’s great, the reach and the influence and the impact. I love things like The Word for Today, the fact that you would present bite-size, daily Bible input to people, and it’s for free. How good is that!

Greg then asked Dan to come up on the spot a quick song about Visionathon…check out the song below…the worst song ever 🙂

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