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Deeper Places – The Spirituality of The Psalms

by | Mon, May 29 2023

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Sons of Korah is an Australian worship band that has been bringing a fresh perspective and to the biblical Psalms for decades. Their use of these ancient scriptures recognises them as a primary source for both Jewish and Christian worship traditions.

Sons of Korah explores the spirituality of the Psalms, which are often described as the heart of the Bible. Listeners experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from sorrowful lamentations to songs of jubilant praise, to tranquil reflections and perfect wisdom.

Dr. Matthew Jacoby is co-writer and lead singer for Sons of Korah, as well as being the senior pastor at One Hope Church in Geelong and a lecturer at Melbourne School of Theology. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to help us delve deeper into the Psalms, and uncover the meaning behind this powerful collection of ancient texts.

Listen to Matthew’s full interview on 20Twenty below: