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Discipling Young Believers

by | Fri, Nov 18 2022

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We are moving towards our Visionathon goal slowly but surely!

Vision regular Alex Cook joined Becci this morning, to talk about how he uses Vision as a discipleship tool in the car with his kids.

‘Many parents I’m sure, would testify that discipling kids in this day and age is not an easy task,’ says Alex. ‘I’ve got four of them, and my wife and I have been finding it challenging. So we started playing the Vision app in the car, on the 40 minute round trip each way to school.’

Alex said he found that the kids were actually listening, and getting input from programs like Rise & Shine, Greg Laurie and Focus on the Family. That then prompted them to start asking questions, because they were engaging so well with the material.

‘And of course, the worship music is phenomenal,’ Alex says. ‘You’re changing the spiritual atmosphere as you’re driving along. But then a little miracle occurred the other day. We hopped in the car and my nine year old son goes, can you put Vision on? And I thought, that’s a breakthrough.’

Alex says the story gets better from there. His wife then asked their son what his favourite Christian song was. ‘As he mentioned the name, two minutes later that exact song came on Vision. It’s just a brilliant tool to lift kids up, get them thinking, get them asking questions and have them filled with great Biblical content. It’s just awesome.’

Becci had a similar experience with her daughter earlier in the week. ‘She walked into school singing God is on the Move, Hallelujah,’ says Becci. ‘She’s going to a state school, where the day before someone told her God wasn’t real. And she walked in singing, because that was the last thing she heard in the car, and it was on her mind going in.’

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