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Do Business Until I Come

by | Thu, Dec 8 2022

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If you’re a Christian, you’re no doubt living in great anticipation of Christ’s return. But do you wonder what you ought to be doing until then? In this episode of Turning Point, Dr David Jeremiah turns to the Gospels, where Jesus told two well-known parables that deal with that issue.

Here’s the way it’s presented in the Bible. Occupy till I Come. In other words, don’t sit on your hands but do the work of God. And what is that? The work of the Gospel. It’s going into all the world with the Gospel, taking the message of Jesus Christ to every corner where it can be heard.

Jesus said, “As you wait for my return, this is no time for you to be inactive, but you’re to do business till I come.” What a great message. The story that Jesus told in Matthew:25 and in Mark:13 is the story of the talents. The parable of the talents is interesting because the word talent doesn’t have anything to do with ability or capacity. It’s a financial term.

‘Our talent is our money, isn’t it?’ says David. ‘How many of us know that our money represents who we are when we go to work and get paid? Maybe there’s not that much difference after all between the talent that is coins and the talent that is ability.’

‘We should be watching and witnessing and working. But how do we do that until Jesus comes back?’

Listen to Dr. Jeremiah’s complete message below and hear his response to this question and more.