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Dr Kameel Majdali – The Key to Revival

by | Thu, Mar 9 2023

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According to Dr. Kameel Majdali, there are certain things that only the church of the living God is equipped to do. No government, military, educational institution, or other earthly power can fulfill these roles in the same way. While it’s important for Christians to engage with society and contribute to positive change, there are some tasks that require a distinctly spiritual perspective and approach.

The church is uniquely empowered because of its connection to God Almighty.

The power of prayer brings the prospect of revival. Revival is not just the best solution in light of what we face today, it’s the only solution. When it comes to our spiritual life, we need to come back to truth. For too long, we’ve been told the truth is relative.

‘I have my truth, you have your truth,’ says Kameel.  ‘It’s one thing to have your personal truth. But it’s another thing entirely to stand on Biblical truth. There is no other truth than God’s truth. It is real, it is genuine, it is authentic, it liberates, and it lasts forever.’

Christians must put aside the postmodern notion that truth is relative.

‘We’re talking about the truth that Jesus Christ says will set you free,’ says Kameel. ‘Perception equals reality to the postmodern. We need to get out of our truth, our perception and our feelings. Let’s start concerning ourselves with what God feels. He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.’

Truth matters, and character matters.

The challenges to truth are great. They’re found in the media, in education, and science is very politicised now, full of ideologues. There are still wonderful, genuine scientists. But Christians believe that truth is not just discovered, truth is also revealed. Revealed through the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God.

Every word of God is true and pure. Wokery says objective truth is white supremacy. The American Medical Association says, don’t put gender on birth certificates, because gender is not determined at birth. This is not truth, it’s delusion.

The only truth worth knowing is God’s truth that endures forever.

Objective truth is not an idea, objective truth is a person. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. That is the only truth that will set you free. Remember that lying, gaslighting, half-truths, disinformation and misinformation are the devil’s mother tongue.

We cannot afford the mistruth or the post-truth that our world is trying to impose on us. We should not accept it. ‘To persist in a culture of lies and mendacity represents a grim future indeed,’ Kameel says. ‘Just look at Revelation 21:8 and Revelation 22:15. These are the last verses of the Bible. You don’t want to be in that position of being called a liar.’

A culture of lying makes truth harder to accept. When you are actually given God’s truth, it’s not always easy to receive. Jesus said in John 8:45, because I tell you the truth, you do not believe me. We need to embrace the love of the truth.

Scripture should be highly valued.

Every word in scripture, in fact even every letter, is inspired. The sources of truth we need are so easy to find. God’s truth, eternal truth, universal truth. Jesus Christ is the truth, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth.

If Christians are going to win this war and have revival, we need to remember that education starts in the home. The home is the first school, and the parents, are the first teachers. If you’re a father, take the lead in training your children. The mother also has an invaluable role, and the parents should share the teaching.

‘I cannot stress this enough,’ says Kameel. ‘Both parents, where there are two parents, need to be actively involved in teaching their children.’