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Drawing Strength From God: How Bear Grylls Grows Through Adversity

by | Sun, Mar 19 2023

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Bear Grylls is an adventurer and survivalist who has gained fame for his survival shows on the Discovery Channel. But what is lesser known about Bear Grylls is his faith in God. As a devout Christian, Grylls has shown great dedication to his beliefs throughout his life.

Grylls’ faith first became evident to viewers in his show Man vs. Wild when he was filmed reading the Bible while stranded in the wilderness. In interviews and public appearances since then, Grylls has spoken fondly of his faith and how it gives him strength even in the most difficult circumstances. He often gives thanks to God for helping him survive the seemingly insurmountable obstacles he faces during his adventures.

When asked about surviving extreme climates like Antarctica, Grylls said ‘I’ve always got a sort of faith and belief that everything will be okay at the end.’ In addition to this strong belief in God’s protection, Grylls also finds inspiration from Him to keep pushing despite hardships: ‘God never stops challenging us … He calls us up higher. And so I must keep developing my character in order to survive through each challenge I face.’

Finding Peace with God

Apart from the personal challenges Grylls faced on his outdoor expeditions and adventures, he also faced another battle – finding peace within himself. This drove him to look for meaning in his life and seek a way out of depression, which eventually ended with him finding solace through religion: ‘God said, love Me so much you have no room for yourself’ – which gave Bear extraordinary clarity and hope as he looked towards a better future with faith at the centre.

Bear Grylls has been married to his wife Shara since 2000. Together, they share three boys: Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry. The Grylls family enjoy spending time in nature and relish the opportunity to explore remote places together. Bear says that his greatest motivation for taking risks comes from knowing he has a loving family waiting at home for him when he returns.

Grylls also revealed that his three boys have taken after him in their love of the outdoors. ‘All the boys are so different, and like all teenagers, they change their mind pretty often, but they have a great spirit and have grown up to love the outdoors,’ he said.

Grylls also has written several books which recount his spectacular adventures and share important life lessons. Facing Up, Mud, Sweat and Tears, True Grit, A Survival Guide for Life, and Soul Fuel: A Daily Devotional are amongst his memoirs as well as non-fiction titles. His latest book is Bear’s Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids which transports readers to the wildest of places while imparting vital knowledge from the man himself.

Throughout his adventures, Bear Grylls has shown us how to courageously persevere in the face of adversity and danger. He continues to emphasise that living life with faith and trust in God gives him a unique strength and ultimately will lead to more fulfilling experiences.

‘We humans are finite beings but our God is infinite,’ says Bear. ‘He knows no boundaries.’