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Empowering Christian Women In Business

by | Mon, Oct 23 2023

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Fideliz Cruz is the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs, an organisation that empowers Christian women for business and equips them to pursue their dreams. Fideliz calls her organisation a sisterhood community for vision builders, boundary breakers and passion igniters, who are called and anointed to shine in their uniqueness.

Fideliz is also a certified life coach and was the winner of the 2018/19 International Coach of the Year award. She has so far connected thousands of women around the world, and believes that there’s enormous power when women get together and encourage each another.

Fideliz recently joined us on 20Twenty to share her heart for community, and why she thinks it’s so important for women to be a shining light for Jesus. She is passionate about encouraging women to serve others and create a God-honouring life.

The Light of the World

‘Matthew 16 talks about that,’ says Fideliz. ‘We are the light of the world, and in that we don’t shy away from showing up and shining brightly. It says that we’re not to be hidden, we’re to be shown for everyone to see. So that is the heart of our community.’

When Fideliz launched her business in 2015, it was a very lonely journey at times. She joined communities and networks that shared her passion for business, but always felt like something was missing.

‘I always wanted to find friends in a community that shared the same love for Jesus,’ says Fideliz. ‘But it was just so hard to find anything like that. After praying and asking God and searching, God spoke to me and said, why don’t you start that community?’

God’s Vision

After launching Kingdom Woman Entrepreneurs, Fideliz found that there were thousands of women all around the world looking for such a community. There were so many others who shared her love of Christ, and wanted to serve within their business and career context.

‘As a business coach,’ says Fideliz, ‘I encourage my clients to really go back to God. There are a lot of business ideas out there. I feel like we’re in a culture where we all want to start, but it’s always good to go back to God and make sure that our business vision is in alignment with His vision as well.’

Sometimes Christians can feel that profit gets in the way of the mission to serve God, and they wonder whether it’s right to be pursuing that. But when our ambitions and dreams are surrendered to God, Fideliz believes there is nothing wrong with profit.

Abundant Life

‘I just believe that God has called us to a life and a life more abundant,’ she says. ‘The enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy. He wants us to be silent and shy away from actually being a blessing. How are we able to serve others if we’re not able to come from a place of overflow?’

Fideliz believes it’s so important that we remember what we’re doing is part of serving. Our sphere of influence is where we can share the love of God, but also know that as we serve, it’s a kingdom principle. It’s inevitable that people will bless you. But with that blessing comes the responsibility to bless others.

Fideliz also coaches and mentors women through some of the challenges of balancing motherhood while trying to run a business. But we live in an ever-changing world, and there now are more opportunities than ever to launch a business online from home. There is a solid Biblical foundation for women being entrepreneurial and wanting to pursue their dreams.

Wisdom and Encouragement

‘I think of Esther,’ says Fideliz. ‘Esther was mentored by Mordecai, and it’s just having someone with you to see your potential, to see your gifts and talents. That’s so important. There’s a lot of wisdom you can gain from having an advisor. In Proverbs 1522, it says plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed.’

‘Esther had somebody with her to speak life over her and encourage her. We need that as well.’

The KWE Academy Awards Gala Night is happening on December 16! This special event is dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating, and paying tribute to the commitment and extraordinary achievements of Christian Women who have embraced their God-given calling in business and made a significant difference in their communities.

Click here for more information, and watch Fideliz’s full interview on 20Twenty below:

Visionathon Will you stand with us?
Visionathon Will you stand with us?