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Every Day is a Miracle

by | Thu, Oct 20 2022

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Every once in a while, something occurs that really stops you in your tracks and makes you think about what might happen. That is exactly what Richard Daniel experienced.

Richard is the Asia Pacific Partnerships Director for an international ministry known as CV Global or Christian Voice. He recently joined us on Real Faith to share his journey with God through cancer, and how it profoundly changed his life.

Richard is originally from Sydney, and grew up in the 1950s. His family was Christian, and Richard was 12 when he gave his heart to Jesus. His two brothers are in radio as well, and Richard always knew he wanted to be behind the microphone. His media career has so far spanned 35 years.

Christian Media

‘As much as we entertain people in radio, it’s still a business,’ says Richard. ‘I got into sales, and then ended up managing my first radio station. I was there for about seven years. After that, I decided to leave commercial radio and get into Christian media.’

Richard and his wife spent six years in Broken Hill as owners of two radio stations. One of his friends who was working at the station, was part of Christian Voice and approached Richard to come and work with him. ‘Two things impressed me about CV,’ says Richard. ‘One is they were ordinary Christians, and the other is that they wanted to do everything professionally.’

After many years, CV literally closed down its shortwave radio facilities and started to do digital evangelism through video. Richard says they were just putting positive videos out into YouTube and other social networks.

The Journey Through Cancer

It was through one of Richard’s videos that many people became aware of his cancer journey. It started with what he thought was just a small scab on the back of his leg. He says he didn’t pay much attention to it, and it’s not an area of your body that you typically inspect.

‘My daughter noticed,’ says Richard. ‘She said, Dad that looks as if it’s growing. So a couple of days later, I went to a skincare clinic and the guy said, we’ve got to get that out right now. He sent that small little cut out to pathology. And pathology came back with a message that said it was stage three cancer.’

The day after receiving the results, Richard found himself literally sitting in the surgeon’s office. He was told they were going to take out a large area on his leg where the actual melanoma was found. There was a high probability that it would spread into that immediate area, and the lymph node.

‘After the diagnosis, I started a prayer chain,’ says Richard. ‘Those that were praying at work, and my wife and I increased our prayers. We had family times of prayer when we went to my son or daughter’s place for dinner. As much as we pray as a family, we don’t pray enough as an as a combined family. So that was amazing.’

‘When we went back to the surgeon,’ says Richard, ‘she told us they thought they had it all. But they needed to do further tests around my leg. The next part of the journey was a PET scan. Basically they put you in a ‘tunnel’, pump you for about three quarters of an hour with radioactive material and do an entire body scan.’

The Miracle of Prayer

‘To find out if the cancer had spread or not was probably the scariest thought that went through my mind,’ says Richard. ‘When I sat down in front of the surgeon, she said, we can’t find any cancer. Not only on your leg, but there’s no cancer in the other lymph nodes at all. There’s no cancer anywhere else in your body.’

Richard says the surgeon told him the result was completely unexpected. They had prepared him for the worst. ‘You learn very quickly when a miracle like that happens how to praise God,’ he says. ‘I just wanted to get down on the on my hands and knees. So did my family.’

This experience has really shown Richard the value of prayer. He says we sometimes feel guilty and it can be hard being the one always asking for prayer. ‘But I knew that the battle in prayer was the only way I was ever going to see a miracle. My encouragement to others, if you’re going through issues, is gather your friends, gather your family, gather your workmates if they’re Christians, and get them to pray for you. Because that’s what God wants us to do.’

Richard says we often look to God and ask Him how He will take us to heaven. We want to just fall asleep and wake up there. ‘We’ve got to say, whatever happens, I’m going to praise God,’ says Richard. ‘That’s the journey. At the end of the next three months or the end of the next six months, it might be a different story for me. I don’t know. I just have to keep trusting God.’

God uses pain and discomfort to get us thinking about what is important in life. Our time on Earth is not limitless. Some of us need to wake up. ‘You can literally ask yourself the question, why not me?’ says Richard. ‘What makes me so special in the eyes of God? Why not me?’

‘I think that’s a very serious and pertinent question we should be asking.’

Listen to Richards full interview on Real Faith below: