Faith Stabilises Business Uncertainty

by | Wed, Jul 13 2022

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By Lenita Marxsen

Economic shutdowns, recessions and cutting back on discretionary spending are all things that put pressure on small businesses. But is there a way to guard against it? Wez Hone believes there are a number of strategies that small businesses can use to prepare for tough times.  

Wez is the founder of Kingdom Business Global and teaches Christian entrepreneurs how Biblical principles apply to the marketplace. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to share his passion for helping build highly profitable businesses that influence the world around them. 

Practical Business Points 

Despite the rising interest rates and mortgages, alongside a lack of spending, Wez believes there is more opportunity during a down market than upmarket. ‘Our baseline needs to not be one of fear, but of opening our eyes to the opportunities,’ says Wez.  

Entrepreneurs often shop for what is known as distressed assets  when the economy is weak. Things like companies, online shops, e-commerce ventures, homes, and stocks will become accessible. All of these assets will be sold for less than they are worth. 

Wez points out that the key is our attitude. What happens around us is a powerful factor. ‘There are tough times, and there are opportunities, yet our attitude is everything. I make my decisions by spending a lot of time with the Lord and enquiring of Him.’  

Hard times affect us in different dimensions, such as personal distress, illness, or tragedy. Yet the best comeback is through investment. Where do you start? Wez says, ‘With yourself. You can invest to gain more skills, but you should always be investing in yourself to add more value to society.’ 

Be Aware of the Opportunities Ahead 

A key to reading the economic market regardless of your industry is to realise small businesses are often insulated from economic distress. Why? Because they have the ability to be agile and have more control over their destiny than market forces do. 

Wez advises laying our businesses out on the altar and asking the Lord to shape them. ‘God is our rock and our refuge,’ he says. ‘Businesspeople who rely on Him are more insulated against what goes on because they’re not operating in a worldly economy.’ 

Devote more time to God and allow Him to direct your steps. Rather than sending out prayers of desperation when your business is suffering, build that discipline now. Intimacy with the Lord should never be based on good times or bad. 

‘Don’t worry if you are not yet set up or feel your business is on shaky ground,’ says Wez. ‘These are opportunities to lean into God.’ 

Allegiance to God means stepping out in faith and promoting courage. It’s impossible to please God without faith. ‘Allegiance to self is not profitable, whereas allegiance to God becomes wonderfully rich with visions for the future.’

Seek first the Kingdom of God 

Remember the baseline: Not fear but opportunity. Include integrity and having a ‘red hot go’. Wez sees each new opportunity as a means for us to do our part, and then God will do his. If you haven’t given it your best as well, there is no point in saying God has not opened the door.  

Seek first the kingdom, and all these things will be added. God gets the bragging rights, and you get a functional business. ‘It’s very humbling when you chase one avenue faithfully and diligently, and the Lord brings blessing out of the left-field,’ Wez says. ‘You get to stand in awe of the Lord when that happens.’ 

If the Lord has called you to do business, He will never place you in a position where you prosper at the expense of another child of God. Treat others as you want to be treated. Look to the big picture. What is God asking you to do? 

Listen to Wez’s full interview on 20Twenty below, or for more resources visit our Vision Store.