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Fear No Evil: Finding Courage In A World Gone Mad – Division In The West

by | Wed, Sep 27 2023

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As followers of Jesus, how can we go from fear to faith in the midst of the constant changes, challenges and chaos that define our world today? Under these circumstances, how can we continue to look to a brighter future?

In his 9th annual Understanding The Times Tour, Dr Kameel Majdali addresses these issues and more, sharing his belief that it’s God’s will for us to be situationally aware. As Christians, we need to know how to respond to some of the big cultural and social shifts that are occurring around us.

Sowing Discord

A topic that’s on the hearts and minds of many Christians in Australia at the moment is The Voice Referendum. A lot of people are still calling for more information and clarity before they cast their vote, with the issue becoming increasingly divisive.

Kameel says that one of his main concerns about The Voice is the lack of detail. A change to the country’s constitution is significant; it’s not just a standard vote. Yet the process has unfolded quickly, and the details appear to be vague at best.

A Matter Of Prayer

‘When we’re talking about constitutional change,’ says Kameel, ‘we need to do our homework. And those who are promoting the change need to do theirs as well. I would urge people to make it a matter of prayer, but make it a matter of investigation, too.’

The relatively narrow margin of the vote suggests that a sense of division may persist, regardless of the final outcome. The challenge for Christians and the church is to help promote a sense of unity in the wake of the result.

Focus On What Unites Us

‘The problem in the Western world,’ says Kameel, ‘is there’s been a lot of focus from particular constituents to focus on that which divides us. To me, this is incredibly unproductive and destructive. It is time we start focusing on what unites us.’

Kameel believes this is actually the noble thing for Christians to do. One of the things God tells us in the Book of Proverbs is that He hates the person who sows discord among the brethren. The church does have a positive role to play in bringing unity.

‘In fact, remember our multiethnic churches as one example,’ says Kameel. ‘That is a good way to highlight it. We may be many, but we are one. We are Christians. We are Australians. We love this country, and we love the people in this country.’

‘We desperately need to hear such voices today.’

Watch Finding Courage in a World Gone Mad with Kameel Majdali below: