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Keeping Hope and Faith During Childhood Cancer

by | Mon, May 31 2021

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Simkins family
Simkins family. (Photo credit:

In January of 2009, Turner and Tara Simkins’ middle son, Brennan, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (“AML”, the most deadly form of childhood leukemia) on the eve of his 7th birthday.

In this Focus on the Family podcast (video and audio below) Turner and Tara share their story of finding hope in the midst of harrowing circumstances. Their concrete faith in God will inspire you to keep hope—even in situations where the odds seem utterly impossible to overcome.

More of their story…

It was a happy, normal family vacation — until things suddenly took a horrible turn. Turner and Tara Simkins began noticing that their 6-year-old son was acting strange, and a doctor’s visit confirmed a parent’s worst nightmare: Leukemia. For the next four years, the Simkins family faced seemingly insurmountable circumstances. At one point, the doctor told them “there are no more options” and gave their son 3 months to live—but Turner and Tara, fueled by grit and a strong faith in God, pressed on, looking for alternate options. Their son survived and is now a teenager. In this one-day Focus on the Family broadcast, Turner and Tara sit down with Jim and John to tell their story.

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