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For God’s Glory

by | Sat, Jan 28 2023

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Many people who follow God make the mistake of thinking that their relationships with other people can fill the void that can only be filled by God. They spend their whole lives settling for second best when God’s best has been right in front of them the whole time.

In this episode of Christianity Works, Berni Dymet encourages us to lay hold of God’s very best for our lives, because there are so many impostors out there that claim to be able to give us what we’re looking for. Many years ago during a class at Bible College, Berni recalls a lecturer giving a class on the three main things that lead ministers astray.

‘It comes down basically to girls, or in the case of women, guys, gold and glory,’ says Berni. ‘Those are the top three things that lead men and women who are called to ministry astray. And when you think about it, it applies not just to people in ministry, it applies to all of God’s people. Because those things are pretty much the main categories of idolatry in this day and age.’

The moment we take something, even something as sublime and wonderful as the pinnacle of human relationships and elevate it above God, we’re committing idolatry. The same applies to gold. Gold is a symbol of wealth, and we are told in this world that wealth equals success.

‘Then there’s glory,’ says Berni. ‘It’s all too easy for us to become recognition junkies. Imagine Jesus as He wandered around with a kind of rock star status. But He wasn’t interested in the opinions of people because He knew they were fickle and irrational. We need to stop living our lives for other people and start living for God.’

‘Who are you pleasing? Who are you serving? Who are you living your life for? Are you really living God’s very best?’

Listen to the full episode of Christianity Works below, and for more resources from Berni visit our Vision Store.