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Free Evangelism and Discipleship Program

by | Tue, Mar 29 2022

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Free Discipleship and Evangelism Training

What triggers a passion for evangelism? When most of us meet Jesus, we’re just so full of love and excitement. There’s a common heartbeat to find the lost, and to go out with boldness to share the gospel.

Vanessa Jarvis leads the Global Harvest Evangelistic and Discipleship Programme. It’s a free, non-denominational program that empowers Christian believers to disciple those who have come into the kingdom.

Global Harvest looks to activate people online to go out into the harvest fields and focus on prayer to grow. Harvest also hosts ‘pop up’ prayer and baptism events that get people excited. It’s a great way to bring people who share some common ground together.

“These events are run by people that we know and trust,” says Vanessa. “We basically advertise it and the people come. It just ignites a lot of followers in these areas.”

Through their ‘Acts Now Global School’, Harvest teaches, equips and trains people what it means to look for others who want to share the gospel.  Students are also deployed outside to do mission work. Recently a whole class turned up in a flooded street in Brisbane to pray with people and help clean up.

“It’s all about building relationships,” says Vanessa. “I work with many ex drug addicts, people that have come from depression and anxiety. When you’ve been set free, you want to go out and tell people about Jesus. And when you find other like-minded people doing it, why not join them?”

Jesus talks about the farmer who went into a field and sowed the seeds. Then the seed started growing, and he got to the point where he could cluster them in a group for whatever he was growing.

“We see that as the four different levels of harvest,” says Vanessa. “The entry field is looking where you’re going to go. The second field is the actual gospel sharing. The third is discipleship where people are growing and giving their hearts to Jesus. The fourth field is the church.”

Jesus tells us to go and make disciples, but many people are very nervous to share the gospel, they don’t even know how to start. Harvest provides resources to prepare people to evangelise, as well as a discipleship pathways booklet.

“We believe wholeheartedly in the combination of prayer and discipleship,” Vanessa says. “We believe that if we’re cultivating our prayer life at home with groups of friends to align with the heart of the Father, we’re going to be compelled to go out and reach the lost.”

Harvest wants to actually train people to know the word of God, and to be able to go out into the harvest field. That is a vital part of the growth and discipleship. “We have so much passion and compassion in us,” Vanessa says.

“We want to train people to really know the word of God.”

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