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From Drugs and Alcohol to Ministry Work

by | Fri, Nov 17 2023

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Peter and Trish spent 30 years working at piggeries and managing pig farms. The stress of the work made Peter turn to alcohol and drugs. He was becoming abusive at home towards his family until 18 months ago when God intervened in their lives.

Peter and Trish from Kingaroy joined DJ, Felicia and Robbo on Rise and Shine during Visionathon to share their story about how when their marriage was on the brink of collapse, God turned their lives around.

‘It was an instant change. I went to church on a Sunday, and I gave my heart to the Lord. Trish also gave her heart to the Lord,’ said Peter.

The very next morning, when they went to work, Peter told the owner of the piggery that he had a new boss in his life. Peter told his boss that he had committed his life to the Lord, and from then on before he approached the piggery each morning, he was going to commit everything to the Lord.

‘We pray every day that He is the centre of our business dealings. Everything we do here is the centre of our life,’ said Peter.

Today, Peter and Trish are self-employed and are very involved in their church. They are now part of the ministry team. God completely turned their roller-coaster lives around. Trish shared how different Peter is now and how hard it was before he was saved.

‘It was really tough going for me and the girls. We love Pete so much, and it was hard to watch him go through it all. It took our marriage to nearly be over for us to realise we needed help,’ said Trish.

Vision played a big part in helping Peter and Trish’s faith grow. They read The Word For Today every day. It helps them connect with God. Listening to Vision also helps them realise that there are so many people who share their testimonies who have gone through hard times and come out the other end by looking to God daily. All of Vision’s resources are an immense help to them.

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To listen to Peter and Trish’s full interview, click on the link below: