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From John to Jesus

by | Thu, Dec 22 2022

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Christians have a high view of Scripture. We not only believe it comes from God and is the very Word of God, but we believe that it is truthful. It will lead us on the right path that will be grafted in our hearts, bringing salvation that is sincere.

In this episode of On The Rock, Dr Kameel Majdali is focusing on the topic From John to Jesus, based on John 1:29-30. We see John the Baptist making an interesting confession. He says, I knew Him not, and he’s referring to Jesus. That’s interesting, considering that John and Jesus were relatives.

John may have known about the existence of Jesus of Nazareth, but he did not know the true identity of Jesus. Yet what John will recognise is that he saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, coming out of heaven, landing and abiding on Jesus.

‘Our lesson for life is this,’ says Kameel. ‘John’s greatest purpose was to baptise Jesus in water. Jesus’s greatest purpose was to atone for our sins and baptise us with the Holy Spirit.’

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