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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

by | Wed, Nov 16 2022

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Paul from Canberra shared his story about how from little things, big things grow.

‘Seven years ago in 2015, I was living in Cooma, a regional town in New South Wales near the snow. I had a corporate role that would take me to Sydney, and all of a sudden, that corporate role got taken away, and I found myself in a situation where I had to drive more than 120 kilometres to Canberra to work,’ said Paul. ‘This was a bit of a disorientating time for my family and me. But what happened is that I started to listen to Vision Radio during my commute. At first, it was just a bit of background chatter, but it grew on me. In the meantime, God was using a small but bustling Christian community in Canberra called YWAM, where I could afford to stay a couple of nights a week. Over time, I could see that the messages from Vision weren’t just background chatter. It became a major source of encouragement and inspiration. Really it comes back to Jesus,’ said Paul.

‘God was also working through the YWAM Canberra community in that they demonstrated in action what those words mean. So, I was not only getting the message from Vision but also seeing in action, through little things, how these can demonstrate God’s love.

From Flash Hotels to a Dorm

‘I used to stay in flash hotels every fortnight when I travelled to Sydney for my corporate role, but I would be lonely and sensed an emptiness. I even sensed that it was going to be taken away, and I didn’t know what that would mean. Then obviously, I eventually lost my job. However, I remember the first night I stayed at YWAM in Canberra, and someone guided me to my room, where there was some masking tape with my name Paul written on it. YWAM used to be a Nunnery, so the rooms were small, like dorms. But it was very welcoming, and it was just what I needed. And it was the little things, not the big things, that mattered,’ said Paul.

It’s amazing how God can take the devastation of a job loss and lift us up to a higher plateau as He did with Paul. It’s encouraging that people like Paul are catching on to this dream that we have to take the Gospel to every corner of Australia.

Vision’s Humble Beginnings

Vision’s very first radio station was launched in 1999 in a small town in Queensland called Beaudesert. Since then, we’ve grown like crazy by installing radio stations in big cities, little regional towns, and indigenous communities throughout Australia to make God’s Word available 24/7 to every Australian who wants to hear it.

That’s what you’re sowing into when you give to Vision, and you help us to get these new stations on the air in these small towns. At the beginning of 2020, Vision set a goal to install 100 more radio stations by the end of next year. So far, we have 53 installed.

Would you like to be a part of our ministry? You can respond now on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.