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From Poverty and Abuse to Leading a Mission: Bill Sutcliffe’s Inspiring Story

by | Mon, Aug 28 2023

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Bill Sutcliffe is an ordinary man with an extraordinary story. After overcoming a childhood of poverty and abuse, Bill has become a remarkable example of how seemingly insurmountable odds can be overcome with faith in God and a belief that anything is possible.

After attending theological college, Bill went on to lead the Ballarat City Mission and has been a source of help and inspiration for the underprivileged to recognise their own potential. He has since provided hope and assistance to thousands of disadvantaged Australians.

‘I have been incredibly blessed with the realisation of the vital importance of prayer,’ says Bill, ‘and the practical benefits and blessings of people who are being upheld in prayer, even without their knowing it. That has been the case for me throughout my lifetime of ministry.’

Listen to Bill’s inspiring story on 20Twenty below: