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Generational Healing

by | Tue, Aug 29 2023

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Wayne Alcorn has seen the radical life-change that happens in men as they embrace the love of God, the Father. He has seen that love heal and transform men’s lives including his father’s, his own and the countless men across Australia he has talked to and helped heal.

Being raised as a preacher’s son, Wayne knew about God from a very young age. But it wasn’t until his twentieth birthday that he finally gave his life to Jesus. He says that by the grace of God, his parents and family prayed him back into the kingdom.

A Generational Journey

Wayne recently joined us on 20Twenty to talk about his new book, My Father’s Son: A Generational Journey, which he says is not only his story, but the story of how God’s love can transform generations.

Wayne’s book includes the powerful testimony of his own father’s transformation, but his heart is for everyone to embrace the love of God as Father. ‘I realised that I grew up knowing the love of a father. And for me, that made it quite easy to relate to God as a Father.’

Wayne has served as a Pastor for thirty-five years now, becoming part of the Youth Alive movement early in his career. He recognised the need for the church to find a better way to connect with young people. ‘To be quite honest,’ says Wayne, ‘I loved God. But the church really didn’t inspire me that much.’

Communicating With God 

After spending two decades with Youth Alive helping teens, Wayne felt it was time to shift his focus towards parents. ‘I just realised that men particularly are struggling to relate to God as Father because they’ve had such a damaged view and understanding of the concept of fatherhood,’ he says.

Over the years, a number of men have sought Wayne’s guidance on the subject of prayer and how to communicate with God. Many of them continue to carry the pain from damage caused in their developmental years.

‘I started to really capture the heart of God for all of us,’ says Wayne, ‘and how Jesus came to show us the Father. Until we really embrace that, we never fully embrace the life that He has for us. And it’s there in the Father’s love.’

A Perfect Father

‘Only God is a perfect Father, and even good dads will let us down from time to time. There’s always something missing and it can never be filled by anyone or anything until we actually fully embrace the love of the Heavenly Father.’

Listen to Wayne’s full interview on 20Twenty below: