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God Can Find You Anywhere, Even in Prison

by | Thu, Nov 17 2022

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Graham Hembrow, the state manager in Queensland for Prison Fellowship, visited John in prison five years ago. Graham didn’t know at the time that John was in his cell praying for guidance. Then he looked up to see Graham standing there.

‘As a chaplain for 12 years in correctional centres here in Queensland, I’ve heard this story so many times where God has come to visit. Also, listening to that healing testimony from the caller, who was talking about Jesus sitting on her bed. I recall a story relayed to me some years ago by a convicted murderer. He was a feared man within the prison system. One night in maximum security, he was woken by someone in his cell. That someone was Jesus. It scared the life out of him, but it started him on a journey of faith, which continues today. That man has gone on some ten or twelve years later to be a catalyst for discipling and changing other people’s lives. That’s all because Jesus came and met him in a cell in the middle of the night,’ said Graham.

Prison Fellowship is a wonderful ministry where they have chaplains, support and resources to help minister to the prisoners. One of those resources is Vision’s The Word For Today daily devotional publication.

‘Chaplains and volunteers such as Prison Fellowships around the country do an amazing job of going into prisons and sitting down and talking to the prisoners. But we’re only as good as the support we have, whether it be prayer or resources, such as The Word For Today or Vision Radio that can reach into the cells and any hour of the night,’ said Graham.

Vision’s mission is to help people look to God daily. We help them get through a tough time, help them raise their kids through our Focus on the Family podcasts, and help them after they lose somebody through our Prayerline. More importantly, Vision talks about an eternal impact where people’s lives are not just going to be changed today, tomorrow or in the next ten years, but for all eternity.

We hand over our money for all sorts of things every day without giving it a second thought. It might be to buy a cup of coffee, put petrol in the car, or go out for lunch. A donation to Vision is far more than just a transaction. It’s an investment in helping people focus on God’s Word. Something that will change their life and last for all eternity.

It’s important that you respond right now. So, go to your computer and click on and click on the donate button. Or use your Vision Christian Media app or call us on 1800 316 316, where someone will process your donation over the phone.

You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.

To listen to the full interview with Graham, click on the link below: