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God’s Calling through Vision

by | Wed, Nov 17 2021

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What is my purpose? What is God calling me to do? These are some of the most common questions people ask about life. Sometimes we really want to hear from God about these, and God wants to instruct us. Jane from Armidale found herself in this disposition, and God spoke through Vision! She shares her experience to Robbo, Becci and Phil on Visionathon.

“I’ve come from a loving Christian family — wonderful husband of 38 years, lovely children. At the age of 28, I gave my life to the Lord, and we felt God’s calling to go to Darwin. Had an absolutely wonderful life up there. Joined a fantastic church. Came back. And I think that term, dormant Christian, sort of popped into my mind.


We sort of pray here and there, and read the Bible and spits and spurts and things. And then

I found your radio station three years ago, and it just life changing!

Absolutely. I could go on and on, but just love everything about Vision. And it does so much for so many people.

On Sunday morning, we were having coffee and we’re talking about God’s calling. And I think many of us go through this.

God answering

What is? We are moving up to retirement, or refinement, and you sort of think, where does God want us to go? Stay or do missionary work overseas? Work with Him somewhere in the world or whatever.

We were just talking about it and then a sermon came on. Five minutes sermon. And it was in the background. And I said to my husband, ‘would you like to listen to it?’ He said, ‘yeah I’d love to.’

And we sat there and Pastor James McPherson was talking about God’s calling in your life, whether you should go and do missionary work, or work in the community somewhere else.

And then he (Pastor James) said, ‘but it’s okay’. It’s okay if you stay at home. Because God needs people to stay at home and work within your own community.

And we just looked at each other and

we knew that that was a direct word from God. That was our answer.”

“We were very teary. I said, I think God just spoke to us, then. Just us. I wondered if other people heard that. But it was a real answer to prayer for us.”

Phil added, “You can imagine, it’s almost, as you say, God turned the radio off for the entire country. And just you guys were the only ones that heard it.

But the reality, is

there were probably a bunch of other people hearing it going, oh, that’s an answer to a question I’ve been asking too. God works in amazing ways.”

Jane agrees,

“Your radio station is changing so many lives. It does so much for so many people and we just bless you all.”

Thank you

Thank you for partnering together to change and direct lives into God’s purposes!

Please believe together with us for a revival in the heart of every Australian.

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