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Helping You Look To God Daily

by | Fri, Jun 9 2023

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Focusing on our daily relationship with the Lord is essential for achieving spiritual growth and harmony within ourselves – and thankfully there are numerous ways we can strengthen this connection! Below are ten ideas from Vision to help you look to God daily:

    1. Set aside a specific time each day for prayer and meditation.
    2. Listen to uplifting scripture-based music.
    3. Read an inspirational book or passage from the Bible regularly.
    4. Spend time with people who share similar spiritual beliefs for encouragement and community.
    5. Volunteer your time or help in some way to those less fortunate than yourself as a reminder of God’s grace and mercy.
    6. Practice random acts of kindness as a demonstration of your faith in action.
    7. Practice gratitude by writing down five things each day that you are thankful for, which also helps you focus on what God has blessed you with instead of any difficulties you may be facing at the moment.
    8. Become involved in activities that keep your thoughts turned towards God such as church services, small groups, Bible studies, etc., on a regular basis in order to build upon your current relationship with Him while connecting with other believers as well.
    9. Connect with nature by taking walks through the park or spending time out in nature whenever possible to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and all He has made just for us to enjoy.
    10. Incorporate worship into your everyday life by singing praises while cooking dinner, thanking God while getting dressed, or talking to Him while driving—all throughout the day.

Vision has everything you need to set aside time each day to connect with God. Whether it’s uplifting music on the radio, listening to a podcast, or regular devotions through The Word For Today, Vision is here to help you as you seek to grow in your relationship with God.

Additionally, you can find encouraging messages on our social media channels and helpful articles and podcasts on our website – making it even easier to stay connected!

Why not make the most of these resources, and find ways that fit your lifestyle to make it a regular practice to spend time with God!

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