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Historic Wisdom About Revivals

by | Wed, Mar 8 2023

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If you’ve been involved in church life recently, you have likely heard about the revival that happened at Asbury University, a small town in the US. Despite its population of just 6,000 people, the town was inundated with 50,000 visitors due to the significant events taking place there.

The question on everyone’s mind now though, is whether this is something worth paying attention to. Bill Muhlenberg from Culture Watch recently joined us on 20Twenty to reflect on the developments at Asbury University, and share his thoughts on what it means for Christians around the world.

Bill believes that revival is something all Christians should long for. Though the most recent focus has been on Asbury, it’s worth noting that throughout history, there have been many examples of revival. However, one crucial question always arises: how can we tell the difference between a true and a false revival?

‘We have a tendency to think everything is new,’ says Bill. ‘We forget that we actually have a 2000-year history of Christianity. We dare not ignore the past. The Book of Acts is our first description of the early church, and we really should try to learn from what’s gone before.’

Bill cautions us against quenching the spirit. If God is at work, the worst thing we can do is dismiss it. ‘But we also know Satan is alive and well,’ he says. ‘There can be counterfeit miracles. We have to learn how to discern, distinguish and be aware of what’s happening.’

Listen to Bill’s full interview on 20Twenty below: