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How Do We Unify When We Are So Divided?

by | Thu, Apr 21 2022

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Unity in Business
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Right now we are living in testing times, so how do we unify when we are so divided? Whether its nation facing off against nation, or division in communities, churches or workplaces, the definition of unity may be one of the most important issues for our future.

Christina Dean leads business coaching company ‘Uniforte’, and specialises in business and organisational change management. She is a trainer, coach and mentor whose experience of God in business has been her inspiration to succeed.

Christina recently joined us on 20Twenty to share her thoughts on the definition of unity, and how it applies to our every day lives. She says we need to understand the difference between unity and division to give us a balanced view.

“Unity is a state of being unified or joined together,” says Christine. “Whereas division is the action of separating something out. You might have a parcel of land that you’re dividing up or a division of politics in in parliament.”

Christina believes that when organisations are coming together and merging, all the systems, processes and people have to be brought together. Division breaks up the process, and we often see organisations having their assets sold off, and that can be terribly sad for people.

“Criticism is one way of causing disunity in organisations,” says Christina. “It is a form of abuse really, to criticise somebody else because it’s saying they’re not good enough. But another enemy of unity is competitiveness. People feel that someone has to win and therefore the other has to lose.”

Christina also believes that unity amongst Christian leaders is so important. Do they value each other? Do they value the planet? Do they value relationships? Those choices can sometimes lead to disunity in families and relationships because people feel marginalised.

“I think it’s the same in a family unit as it is with a leader in a business,” says Christina. “The main point to remember is that we can choose unity. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with what the other person wants, it’s a case of supporting each another.”

Christina says the Lord really helps us in that. He didn’t make us all the same, He made us very individual. Our gifts and talents are vastly different from each other. We need to recognise that those gifts and talents are required like the colours of a palette to make the picture beautiful.

“People who are thinking of growing their business get very passionate about what they want,” says Christina. “I have a classic question to bring up at those times; do you need to be right or do you just need to solve the problem?”

All the options need to be out on the table to work out which ones are the best because the world is changing at such a rapid pace. “Executives need people who can share with them honestly and have the courage to speak up.”

Christina believes that it’s vital to have the differences of opinion around the boardroom table. “You’ve got to be able to argue the different dimensions of which way you might move forwards,” she says.

“That’s the only way you can decide to move together in unity.”

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