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Irresistible Church Tour with Carey Nieuwhof

by | Mon, Feb 5 2024

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Carey Nieuwhof is a bestselling author, speaker, former attorney, and host of one of today’s most influential leadership podcasts. With over 1.5 million monthly accesses to his podcast, blog, and online leadership content, Carey reaches leaders globally, engaging them in discussions on leadership, change, and personal growth.

As part of his Irresistible Church Tour, Cary Nieuwhof is excited to unite leaders from all across Australia and New Zealand. The event promises an opportunity to gain insights from world-class leadership experts and foster connections among leaders who share similar visions and goals.

Whether you are in business, not-for-profit, or church leadership, you will be inspired and equipped to lead and reach your community in a healthy and sustainable way. Jason Perkins, one of the event coordinators, joined us on Rise & Shine to discuss the upcoming event.

‘We’re going to kick off on February 21st in Brisbane,’ says Jason. ‘Then we’re heading to Sydney on the 22nd, and then the following week will be in Melbourne. The tour will wrap up in Adelaide and Perth.’

In his podcast, Cary is in a unique position to connect with some of the best leadership minds in the world. ‘He brings that concept of crystallised intelligence,’ says Jason. ‘He then helps to curate a lot of the content from his podcast into some great, helpful, practical things for church and Christian leaders today.’

Jason is a firm believer that leaders can reach their goals without losing their soul, yet they often they feel like they have to choose one or the other. ‘They’re either full on in the mission,’ says Jason, ‘or fully contemplative and really working on their own personal formation and spiritual life.’

‘But I think Carey is an example of somebody that does both really well.’

Click here and register today for the upcoming Irresistible Church Tour with Carey Niewhof.