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Is the Great Reset Inevitable?

by | Wed, May 18 2022

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The so-called ‘great reset’ is something that most of us have heard about. In the globalist sense, it refers to the process of persuading individuals to join in with the vision of certain politicians and businesspeople for the future of our world.

Christians hold a Biblical ideal of what happens in changing times, especially in relation to Bible prophecy. Is the great reset the fulfilment of those promises? Should we be concerned? Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose says we need to take a closer look at the issues.

“The ultimate aim is centralised control,” Alex says. “They discuss things like transhumanism, which is the concept that your brain may have a computer linked to it, allowing humans to be ‘hacked.’ Climate change and equality are also debated. The political momentum means the agenda is geared to lure people along for the ride.”

A number of the world’s political leaders have been part of the forum, including people like Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron. Alex believes the agenda is predominately about bringing these leaders into their way of thinking about the world and what they have planned for it.

It may surprise many Australian’s to know that our current Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, was the head of strategy for the forum back in the early 2000’s. Recently there was also a video interview with Scott Morrison at the World Economic Forum discussing the technological projects they’d been working on.

“Post COVID you might say it’s coincidence,” says Alex. “But many of these Western countries were running off the same slogan, ‘build back better.’ People don’t think of these kind of grandmaster plans going on in the background as evil. But these people have a nasty agenda for society.”

The Bible makes it clear we live in a spiritual world. As Christians, we do need to be aware of some of the things that are going on in society that will affect people. Because our predominant concern should be that we live in a society that enables everyone to flourish.

“We’re talking about big societal shifts here,” says Alex. “And to do that, you really need a crisis. With COVID, what fascinated me just as an observation of human nature is how the majority of people were scared. They were terrified into obedience and willing to give up their freedoms.”

Alex believes that we are living in a perpetual crisis. Climate change is now back on the agenda, and the whole media was obsessed with Ukraine. That’s despite the fact that there are wars going on in other parts of the world too. There is a lot going on that people need to sit back and question.

“The government now is very obsessed with controlling the narrative,” says Alex. “The whole point of truth is that it’s got to be discovered. You’ve got to investigate. When you have a government body determining what’s real and what’s not, it’s very problematic.”

It’s no surprise that in the Western world we see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The cost of living is rising dramatically. The biblical issue here is God established government for our good. But throughout history, due to sin it’s gone astray when we have the wrong people in charge.

“There is a kingdom approach to this,” says Alex. “The church has got to offer alternative solutions. We’ve got to get our society out of this debt addiction. We need to get away from the obsession of consumption of material things and move back to a focus on people and relationships.”

“God has a plan that is greater than all of these people’s plans. Christians have a tremendous opportunity to go out and win more souls. It’s an incredible chance for the church to step up.”

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