Jesus the Bloke – the Mate Every Man Needs

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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Ordinary Aussie blokes would like Jesus. That is what Pastor Jason Elsmore is convinced of. The passionate Senior Pastor at Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane is passionate about connecting your everyday working-class Aussie to Jesus.

Jason joined Neil on 20Twenty to share his thoughts on how Aussie men can come to know Jesus better. He believes that most men would really like Jesus if they met him.  

In his book ‘Jesus the Bloke – The Mate Every Man Needs’, Jason shines a light on Jesus in a uniquely Australian way. Looking at the way Jesus lived His life and His three years walking around Palestine, Jason is sure that

ordinary Aussie blokes would like Jesus.

People liked to sit around a table and eat with Jesus, they liked to go fishing with Him, and He was a good bloke to have at a wedding where he performed first ever miracle. He turned water into wine. There is no doubt that Jesus is a good bloke. 

Jason believes that if Jesus was walking around Australia today doing the same kind of miracles and teaching in the same kind of way, ordinary people would want to hang around Him.  

“A lot of the inspiration for this book actually came from building sites,” says Jason. “I grew up going to work with my dad who was a builder. My grandfather was also a builder. I spent a lot of time just sitting in site sheds with blokes, listening to their stories and watching my dad and my granddad who were followers of Jesus. These were real ordinary blokes, expressing their faith in a way that helped others to see that you could be a genuine follower of Jesus and an ordinary bloke that worked on building sites.” 

Jason also thinks that most blokes would enjoy fishing with Jesus. When He called His first disciples, they’d been fishing all night and hadn’t caught anything. And Jesus says to them, put your boat out into deeper water and let your nets down for a catch. This didn’t make any sense to them. They thought, Jesus, you’re a carpenter. You don’t know what you’re talking about. This is not the time or the place to go fishing, but because you say so, we will do it. 

“We all know the story,” says Jason. “When Jesus was around they caught so many fish that both boats were full to the brim. Who wouldn’t want to go fishing with a bloke like that?

If you love fishing, when Jesus is around you get to catch the motherload.”


“But not only that.  Another time they’re out on the boat and Jesus is asleep. The weather has picked up the winds are blowing; the waves are big. The boat is threatening to capsize and they wake Jesus up because they’re about to drown. How can He be so peacefully sleeping? There’s a certain sense in which,

‘Jesus, The Bloke’ brings that ultimate sense of companionship.

I think in this season that we’re walking through as a globe right now we’re seeing our need for Jesus more than ever. He can give us peace in the midst of an incredible storm.” 

The book is very down to earth, and Jason hopes that it will shine a light on who Jesus is. He wants to help ordinary blokes who have turned their back on faith, have their passion for Jesus reignited and become fully devoted followers.  

“I’d like to help ordinary blokes who haven’t normally spent Sundays in church become followers of Christ,” Jason says. “It’s so important to be in a faith community.” 

“That can happen in a multitude of different ways, whether it’s working on your car or sitting around the lounge room drinking coffee.

Different blokes will find different ways to connect, but just having those mates that you’re being real and honest with about some of the struggles you go through is so important”.


To listen to the rest of Jason’s conversation with Neil on how to connect men better with Jesus, click below.

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