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Jesus was Born to Die, that We May Live

by | Tue, Dec 14 2021

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Author: Stuart Millar

“but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Saviour, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” 2 Timothy 1:10


Jesus didn’t leave the perfection of heaven and come to earth for no reason. He was born to die so that we might live! So how does this work and how has He destroyed death and brought eternal life through the gospel?

Think about the Gospel message:

We are all broken
We have gone our own way, turned from God’s perfect way, broken His laws, ignored and rejected the One who gave us life and breath. We have fallen short of God’s intention for us — to walk in relationship with Him, to love others, to look after His planet, and to reflect Him to the world around us.

God didn’t give up on us
Instead of wiping us out, He did the opposite.  He sent Jesus to come to earth, to live as a human being, to show us how to live and then die a cruel painful death on the cross in our place — taking on our punishment for us.  We have done the crime, He has done the time!  Then He rose from the dead on the third day, showing that He is God, and has the power over death and evil.  We can now be restored to our original design, back into a relationship with God, forgiven, and set free.


So how should we respond?
1) Turn — Commit to turning from the wrong in our lives (we can never be perfect, but it is about a heart attitude change).
2) Surrender — put your faith in Jesus and what He did for you by dying on the cross. Commit to living life God’s way from now on, making Him the number one priority of your life.  Then you will know forgiveness and receive eternal life!

This Christmas
Let’s remember why Jesus came to earth and understand the power of the Gospel to save.  How can such a simple message impact so many people around the globe, turning them from darkness to light, completely transforming lives? Because the Gospel isn’t just any message, it is a divine message, a seed that is planted in the heart and grows.  It is powerful because it is true and it resonates with the human heart.

Christmas is a time when people are more open to hearing the good news of Jesus. You could arrange a coffee with someone who doesn’t know Christ and share how Jesus has changed your life.

Not sure how to share the Gospel?  Why not download the G7 App from your App Store? It has instructions and a 30min tutorial video inside the app. Mainly it is just reading and tapping, you can do it!  And what about sharing a Gospel video on Social Media?


Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the special opportunities that we have at this time of the year to celebrate Jesus and share Jesus with others. We pause and surrender afresh to you and to all you are calling us to do. Give us courage and wisdom as we seek to lovingly share your powerful gospel with others. Amen.

About the Author: Stuart Millar is the founder of Train To Proclaim Inc. He is passionate about equipping Christians around the world to share the gospel in a loving and jargon-free way.  He has produced several training videos a free downloadable evangelism course, and gospel resources including the G7 (Gospel in 7) app.  Stu resides in Brisbane with his wife Maria and 4 children.