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John’s 35-year History with Vision

by | Fri, Nov 17 2023

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Written by Sonia Ray

John Molhoek from Ipswich, Queensland, is part of Vision’s 35-year history of helping other radio stations get set up in the nineties. John shares how Vision has helped him take the Gospel to the community through the decades.

‘It started back during COVID because we weren’t allowed to go to church because we might kill each other with this horrible virus. But the local market had started up again in Ipswich at the showgrounds. Three thousand people turned up on Sunday morning,’ said John. ‘So, I went there one morning and thought, “Why aren’t we here?” And with the help of our community man shed, I set up a stall.’

John rang Vision and requested resources and literature that he could promote. He received banners and gift bags and was able to bless the local community people with the materials from Vision.

John continues to have a stall there and hands out The Word For Today, the V180 and is an avid advocate for Vision in the community. John feels very blessed by Vision and has donated generously to Visionathon.

‘I really enjoy it. I mean, what turns me on most about Vision not only the spread that it has, but it’s available 24/7,’ said John.

When John was a pastor in Grafton, he got quite involved with the radio station and ended up being on the Board and being a breakfast announcer for five years.

‘The good thing about it was that we were on the air with the Gospel every day, seven days a week in Grafton, in our local community, which was probably all in terms of at least spreading the Word more than what most churches can do on a Sunday morning. I love Vision,’ said John.

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