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by | Fri, Dec 2 2022

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How can we learn to be ready for the return of Jesus? The Bible gives us three illustrations that emphasise how suddenly and unexpectedly the return of Christ is going to be. The first is the equivalence to the days of Noah. The second is a separation between believers and non-believers on that day. And the third is the thief who breaks into homes at night-time while everybody’s asleep.

Jesus highlights the imperative of being faithful, and he distinguishes and contrasts between those who are faithful and those who are not. On this episode of Leading the Way, Dr Michael Youssef shares his thoughts on how we can actively watch or Jesus, and be ready for His return by telling others about our great salvation.

Michael believes it has become fashionable today amongst some mega-church pastors to please the unbelieving churchgoers by denying the historic account of the flood and Noah. But how can we worship Christ as Saviour and Lord when if we question His integrity? Both the Old and New Testament affirm the flood as a historical event that has taken place.

‘The most important thing the Lord is emphasizing between the days of Noah and the days of the return of the Lord,’ says Michael, ‘is those who rejected Noah’s invitation to be saved and enter into the Ark were taken by surprise. The hour is now. The day of salvation is today. Don’t put it off.’

Listen to Michael’s full message below on Leading the Way below, and for more teaching and resources from Michael visit our Vision Store.