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Keeping Kids Spiritually Healthy Through Vision Christian Radio

by | Wed, Nov 16 2022

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Aaron has been listening to Vision Christian Radio every day for more than ten years. Aaron’s enthusiasm for Vision has rubbed off on his kids, who are now listening as well.

‘I live in a reasonably small town, and we had to pick a church where our kids could get some encouragement about God. So, it’s great when they are getting fed through Vision as well. They are coming to me saying, ‘Hey, Dad, is today the day when Pointless Poll is on? So, we stay in the car for a little bit longer to listen. That, to me, is a win in every possible way,’ said Aaron.

‘They get up in the morning, and we’ve got the routine set up on our Google speaker. We say, ‘Good morning, Google’, and it tells us the time and the weather. Then it says, ‘Streaming Vision Christian Radio.’ My kids hear the radio every single morning when we get up, and they’re getting ready for school and singing along with the songs and listening to what Robbo Becci have got to say. Then in the afternoon, it’s on when I pick them up from school. They get a little snippet of what you guys are doing every single day. My eight-year-old daughter has asked some really tough questions after hearing some of the stuff that Mandy’s talking about in the afternoon.

Giving $2 a Day

‘I was really encouraged a couple of years ago when you guys were saying if nothing else, can you afford a dollar a day? So, last year I did a dollar a day, and this year I thought I’ve got to do better than that. So, I did $2 a day, and my goal would be in five or ten years that I’m giving $5 a day, maybe $7 a day. Usually, I find myself going, God, I just need to be paid so I can give. Well, God had my back this time. All the money came in before Visionathon. I had a conversation with my wife about all this extra cash we had and what were we going to do with it. Then God just dropped Visionathon. I looked at my wife and said, ‘We’re giving $2 a day, that’s $730, and she didn’t even bat an eyelid. She said, ‘Happy to do it’,’ said Aaron. ‘I love Vision and how it’s working in my kids’ lives and in the community.’

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