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LIFEMARK, a True Story That Celebrates the Gift of Life

by | Wed, Oct 12 2022

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American actor and director, Alex Kendrick, joined Robbo & Becci on Rise and Shine to talk about the Kendrick Brothers’ latest movie, LIFEMARK, being released in Australian cinemas on 13 October 2022.

The Kendrick Brothers rose to fame in 2003 when they screened their first, low-budget movie, Flywheel, in cinemas, expecting it would only run over the weekend. The phenomenal interest in the film exploded and spurred them to continue bringing the good news of the Gospel through inspirational and relatable Christian films. The Kendrick Brothers continued to produce multiple successful Christian movies such as Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, War Room and Overcomer with production quality on par to Hollywood films.

LIFEMARK is the Kendrick Brothers’ first film based on a true story. Kirk Cameron plays the role of Jimmy in the film. In real life, Kirk has four adopted children, as do the actual parents in the film. They came to Kirk’s attention when he watched the documentary I Lived on Parker Avenue, about an 18-year-old girl that rolled off the abortion table at the last second and decided to give her baby up for adoption he was moved to tears. He called Alex Kendrick and after much prayer, the Kendrick Brothers committed to making the story into a feature film.

They got the rights to make the film and invited the actual family on set during filming. The story centres on the biological mother’s desire to reunite with her son when he turned eighteen and could decide for himself whether he wanted to upturn his life and meet her or not. The story remained true to what actually happened, including the scenes when they went skydiving, cliff jumping, and raced ATVs.

There are some fairly heavy themes in the movie, but they balance these out with humour mainly provided by David’s comical friend, Nate. LIFEMARK has already been released in the US and the audience’s response ranged from crying, laughing their heads off and being inspired by the true events.

‘We love the message it puts on people’s hearts. Life is so valuable. God creates life. Let’s preserve it. Let’s protect it. Adoption truly is a beautiful ministry. We’ve seen that in our own Kendrick family as well as others, like Kirk’s,’ said Alex. ‘My brothers and I are not excited about jumping in the middle of political issues where there’s a lot of friction. But we felt like the Lord said, “Stand for life”. So, making this movie is one way we can say, and not be ashamed of it, that God created life. It is worth preserving, it is worth supporting, and it’s worth fighting for. And though we never want to make political movies, we do want to present the truth. We do want to present hope, redemption, the Gospel, and salvation.’

Due to COVID restrictions, the release of the film was delayed for a year. Alex said that as frustrating as it was to have to wait that extra time to release it, they later realised God’s perfect timing when Roe versus Wade was overturned in the United States. They could not have imagined this happening within a few months of each other except for God orchestrating all the events to come together.

The best way to support these life-changing Christian films is to get a group or church together to view them at your local cinema. A successful showing in cinemas not only makes it possible for more Christian films to circulate amongst secular films, but it spreads the Gospel far and wide.

LIFEMARK  is only in selected cinemas for a short time. So, click on the link to find a cinema near you so you don’t miss out!

To listen to Alex Kendrick’s full interview with Robbo and Becci, click on the link below:

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Visionathon Will you stand with us?
Visionathon Will you stand with us?