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Made In Jesus – Reality Style Docuseries for Young People

by | Tue, May 30 2023

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YFC Australia is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian youth group that is part of the global Youth for Christ movement, which operates in more than 110 countries. YFC is united by a shared love for Jesus and young people.

Their ultimate goal is for all young people to have an encounter with Jesus, to live with absolute freedom, and to gain a thorough understanding of their identity as children of God. Pat Steele is director of the Hope Movement under the banner of YFC, and he recently joined us on 20Twenty to tell us about the new docuseries, Made In Jesus.

Pat has been travelling around the country to see for himself what God is doing in the lives of young people. ‘I always wondered what it would be like to have a camera on my shoulder and record some of the things I’m seeing,’ says Pat. ‘This opportunity came up to basically follow the lives of some young Australians who are being led by the Holy Spirit in evangelism and discipleship, and tell their stories to encourage others.’

The documentary was recently launched at a youth event on the Gold Coast, where a gospel message was preached afterwards. Forty young people then gave their lives to Jesus. ‘It’s really quite inspiring. I’ve taught on evangelism for a long time, but I always say that evangelism isn’t taught, it’s caught.’

Pat believes that telling young people’s stories brings faith to life for others. ‘It’s really simple and accessible to every young person,’ he says. ‘What I would like them to take away from it is; I can do this. This is relevant to me. I’m going to say yes to Jesus and to the Great Commission and go out and make disciples.’

Pat says he hopes the series will continue on beyond the first episodes. ‘It’s going to be a continuing journey,’ he says, ‘and we’ll just see where the Lord leads us with it.’

Listen to Pat’s full interview on 20Twenty below: