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Making God Number One

by | Tue, May 30 2023

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There’s an old saying that says values are not taught, they’re caught. That is never more true than when it comes to our perspective on family. Our values are often instilled in us by those who raised us, whether we agree with them or not.

In this episode of Faith and the Future, Dr Kameel Majdali encourages us to have discernment to embrace those values that are good and let go of those that are not. Part of growing up and taking responsibility is taking stock of who we are. What things should we actually retain from our upbringing?

Put God First

‘Make God the starting place in your family,’ says Kameel. ‘I especially urge fathers to take the lead in bringing their family to the altar. Read the Bible to them and pray about the issues you’ve learned about. You will spare yourself a lot of trouble if you begin early and make God the first port of call for your little ones and of course, your spouse.’

Kameel also believes that there is great value in church attendance as a family. ‘Because even though we well know that there is no perfect church,’ he says, ‘there’s something very civilising and wholesome getting your family into the house of God.’

‘If you can get across to your family that God is number one, you’ll be the best mother and father you could ever possibly be.’

Listen to Kameel’s full message on Faith and the Future below: