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Michael, Thankful for the Good News Vision Brings

by | Tue, Nov 15 2022

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Michael, from Chelmer in Queensland, didn’t want to miss out on joining Robbo and Becci for Visionathon and phoned in bright and early. He gave an encouraging message on how Vision impacts him every day.

The Troubles of the World Fade Away

‘You listen to other radio stations, and all you hear is how serious everything is, how terrible everything is, how the climate is changing, and it just goes on and on. You can get pretty depressed if you keep listening. That’s when I remember to flick across to Vision and hear the peace. You guys are just great,’ said Michael.

Michael said that when he’s had a particularly tough day at work, listening to Vision Radio on his commute home makes a big difference. It helps him unwind as he soaks in the encouragement, peace, hope and security that floods through Vision. In an instant, the atmosphere changes, and the tension melts away.

‘If you’ve had a tricky day, it’s nice to feel God’s peace, and it gives me that moment to remember to say thanks for getting me through it,’ said Michael.

Vision Turns Bad News into Good News

The bombardment of bad news and the stress of getting through a work environment that rehashes that negativity makes it difficult to stay positive. Many people are finding themselves in the same boat as Michael. It’s good to hear that Vision is making a difference in Michael’s life and is having a positive impact on his mental health by bringing good news and hope.

‘Don’t underestimate how much you guys do because the flipside is to drive into work and hear the news bulletins from secular news, and everything they’re talking about almost primes you up to have a bad day,’ said Michael.

It’s good to hear how people feel blessed and can be a blessing to others by donating to keep Vision going and be a part of bringing help, hope and healing in the lives of Aussies right across the country.

Visionathon happens just twice a year, with donations covering 88% of Vision’s annual costs. The donations that come through are from everyday people like you who know the power of sharing the good news of God across Australia. We hope the Holy Spirit stirs you to support us by making your tax-deductible donation right now, or even go the extra mile and become a monthly giver.

You can respond now on the phone at 1800 316 316, at vision.org.au or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.

Watch or Listen to Michael’s full interview from Visionathon below: