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My Church – My Family

by | Mon, Nov 28 2022

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There are many mysteries in the Word of God. When Paul speaks of the church, he actually says, “this is a great mystery.” The word mystery doesn’t mean something can’t be solved; it just means it can’t be solved by human reason. It must be understood by revelation.

On this episode of Set Free, Ken Legg discusses how God raised up the apostles who were chosen to lay the foundations of the church. To them, He gave a special revelation concerning its nature. Paul wrote to the Ephesians, saying he had been given knowledge of this mystery, which in other ages was not made known.

It had been revealed to the apostles and prophets that God would unite Jewish and Gentile believers in one body called His church. The wisdom of God would be made known to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places through the Church.

‘If you’re having trouble appreciating the Church of Jesus Christ,’ says Ken, ‘maybe you’re trying to understand it with your human reason. Remember to understand the church, you need a revelation. Ask God to give you His perspective on the church.’

‘God knew about the church from eternity. He just didn’t let on until the time of the Apostles.’

Listen to the full message on Set Free below, and for more resources and teaching from Ken Legg, visit our Vision Store.