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Navigating Global Tensions: Insights from Kameel Majdali

by | Tue, Apr 2 2024

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It’s worth noting that in 2024, 45% of the world’s population will be voting, which includes nations such as the USA, UK, and potentially Russia. Currently, all eyes are on the USA, where it seems likely that Donald Trump will be leading the Republicans against Democrat President Joe Biden in the US election on November 5th.

Well-known author, Bible teacher and Vision regular Dr Kameel Majdali leads the organisation Teach All Nations. Kameel recently joined us on 20Twenty to discuss the American election, along with his insights into the latest developments in the war between Israel and Hamas playing out in Gaza.

The defence actions taken by Israel have contributed to a surge in anti-Semitism globally. Consequently, these events have had an impact here in Australia as well.

Listen to Kameel’s full interview on 20Twenty below: