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New CEO for Australian Christian Lobby

by | Sat, Apr 22 2023

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The Australian Christian Lobby has grown to become one of the most prominent advocacy groups in Australia, with a particular focus on issues like religious freedom, marriage and family, human dignity, and education.

Founded in 1995 by a group of Christian leaders with the goal of influencing public policy, the ACL continues to maintain it’s influence as crucial voice for the Christian community in Australian politics.

Dan Flynn is the Deputy Director of the ACL, and he recently joined us on 20Twenty to announce the appointment of new CEO, Michelle Pearse.

Political Background

Michelle is currently in London with her husband John and their family, pastoring a church. But Dan says she is no stranger to the organisation. In her early 20’s, Michelle was the WA director of the ACL, and also worked for a Christian member of parliament.

‘We are delighted to announce that Michelle will be returning from London and coming to Canberra to be our new CEO,’ says Dan. ‘We couldn’t get a better appointment as someone to follow Martyn Iles into the role.’

As well as her work as a political adviser, Michelle has also worked strategically lobbying parliament on behalf of the ACL. She was instrumental in working with other groups to oppose prostitution legislation, slowing down the process so much that the bill was never signed by the Governor-General.

On A Mission For Christian Politics

Michelle was also instrumental in bringing together the Premier and Opposition Leader of Western Australia into a Make it Count event, where they were both able to make their pitch to a Christian audience.

‘She has a lot of influence,’ says Dan. ‘Michelle has a very straightforward approach, and is on a mission for Christians in politics. She’ll bring a lot of graciousness to the role, and willl build on the great work of Martyn Iles.’

Dan believes that Michelle is very in touch with the issues, particularly since she has been pastoring for the last six years. She sees things from the perspective of a church minister.

Honouring The Past

‘I think that will definitely strengthen our church bonds,’ says Dan. ‘Michelle is going to build very well on the work of the previous managing directors. I think it’s very important that we honour both Martyn and Michelle.’

‘They’re not competitive roles,’ says Dan. ‘They’re prayerful roles. You only want someone for whom it really is God’s will. It’s a real calling. We are all thrilled by the way she was selected and the board’s decision in this matter.’

Listen to Dan’s full interview on 20Twenty below:


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