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New Vision Radio Station Launched in Shepparton, Victoria

by | Thu, Jun 8 2023

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Vision’s radio station in Shepparton, Victoria, went to air on the 8th of May, 2023. This is Vision’s 63rd radio station out of the 100 stations 2021-2023 project and the 802nd station overall. This service is in addition to Shepparton 1413AM

Shepparton has a population of 68,000 and is located 181 km northeast of Melbourne. Shepparton is the major rural service centre in the Goulburn Valley. The surrounding area produces stone fruit, cherries, apples, pears, grapes, olives, vegetables, cereals, milk products and award-winning wineries.

Shepparton also boasts First Nations Arts and Culture, Aboriginal Street Art and multiple festivals throughout the year.

For cycling or mountain bike enthusiasts, there are a variety of paths and routes to explore.

If you prefer to walk, the Mulana Nin Lyoga Walking Trail provides a 4.6 km scenic route through yellow box woodlands, opening out to the 360-degree view from the summit of Mt Major.

The area is thought to have been inhabited by the Yota-Yota people prior to European settlement.

So, whether you’re a local or visiting, you can now tune in to 88.0 FM and be blessed by God’s Word being spread through Vision Radio and the supporters who made it possible. It might just change your life!

If you would like to host or fund a Vision Christian Radio station in your town, please contact us by clicking this link.

The cost of establishing a new transmission site depends on the output power and unique site requirements.

Low power licences (ideal in a small country town, for example) typically cost less than $10,000 to establish. This includes the satellite receiving and FM retransmission equipment, the cost of the licence itself, basic local marketing, and program supply via satellite for the first year.

High-power licences and transmission sites are more expensive (but they do have much greater reach).

If you’d like to bring Vision’s radio ministry to your community – or elsewhere, click the Fund a Station link here.

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