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NSW Special Religious Education

by | Tue, Nov 9 2021

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Finally, some good news! SRE (special religious education) appears to have bipartisan support from leaders of both side of politics in NSW. Christians have spearheaded the campaign, developing a program that will provide kids with a better, more balanced future. 

Murray Norman is the CEO of Christian SRE and has been the driving force behind the unity that’s bringing about positive change. He’s about to meet with the NSW premier and Opposition Leader to present his proposal to gain their continued support for SRE in New South Wales.  

“We have the amazing opportunity to go into schools and to teach young people about faith,” says Murray. “For the Christian SRE, that means telling kids about Jesus, which is absolutely amazing. To have our civic leaders recognize this at the highest level is just wonderful.” 

COVID hit NSW like the rest of Australia, but the education department was amazing. The Minister was very encouraging and had bi-partisan support to pivot and go digital. Young people had questions about the meaning of life amidst all the uncertainty. Spirituality was one aspect that could give young people confidence and help them as they dealt with the challenges. 

But it hasn’t just happened overnight. The education department has been working with communities to help them and their families cope with COVID. This has led to recognition from both sides of government of the great things that religious education is doing for students. “The education minister has just announced that we can come back and start teaching SRE again in schools,” says Murray. “It’s very exciting!” 

We definitely need our young people to learn maths, english and science, but what about the meaning of life? Where does hope come from? What does the future look like? Where do I get peace? That’s beyond reading and writing. But it’s something Christianity can provide the answers for.  

“In our Christian classes, that’s what we’re teaching and that’s what parents are choosing to send their children to,” continues Murray. “It’s helping them. The education department is seeing the need to support students during tough times. Christian SRE is an option that has been providing great hope and security for young people. And that’s been recognized by parents, families and the education department as a whole.” 

Christian SRE is currently looking at how they can be COVID compliant in classrooms, as well as a whole lot of creative ways to reach students. There will be digital videos, apps, and art assemblies. There are many methods that can be used to tell young people about Jesus. Especially as we head towards Christmas. 


Young people have so much coming at them from a social media. But one of the great things about SRE is that it teaches them that the Bible is a solid foundation that can be relied upon. It gives young people confidence that God is everlasting before and after Jesus came, so they might have relationship with him.


“That’s why it’s so special that people of faith come and share their experience of how Jesus changed their lives,” says Murray.

“By looking through the Bible, we can see how God gives us strength for the future. Even when it’s uncertain. We’re trying to help young people explore and see where Christianity, Jesus and the Bible fit into the world today.”


Murray says if you’re keen to support SRE, have a chat to local member or minister. You can also have a chat to your SRE teachers. 

“It’s great for us to see the importance our leaders place on SRE in New South Wales. We’re just so blessed to have that.” 

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