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Nurturing Faith And Community

by | Tue, Nov 21 2023

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Navigating the demands of our fast-paced world, carving out meaningful moments for Bible study and connecting with fellow believers can be a challenge. However, a community of women in the United States have addressed this dilemma through the power of social media.

Known as Coffee & Bible Time, this ministry boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, millions on podcasts, and is successfully reaching and impacting women globally. Coffee & Bible Time is driven by faith, family, and a powerful commitment to community.

Sharing Stories

Two of the founders of Coffee & Bible Time, Ashley and her mum Ellen, recently joined us on 20Twenty to share their passion for sharing stories, sparking inspiration, and welcoming new friends into their world.

The initial idea for Coffee & Bible Time started as app, and after a lot of time and energy, the idea proved to be unsuccessful. But it did lead to the app developers suggesting that Ashley and her sister Taylor start a YouTube channel instead.

‘We posted a prayer journal video and that really caught people’s attention,’ says Ashley. ‘So we decided to continue making Christian content and it ended up evolving into this huge Christian ministry platform online. It’s a crazy story of God’s goodness birthed out of failure.’

Mentoring Others

Over time the girls invited their mother to join in the videos as well, which allowed them to encompass a much wider age range. ‘She would give mentorship advice to young women,’ says Ashley. ‘Anything Christian-related is what people just really clung on to.’

Ellen emphasises the importance of maintaining transparency and authenticity in the content shared by Coffee & Bible Time. ‘We just try and post things that inspire people to study God’s word. It can be hard and it can be challenging, but when you stick with it, it’s such a blessing.’

Along with connecting with people on YouTube and Instagram, Coffee & Bible Time also has an in-depth Bible Study Academy where people can connect and talk about what they’re going through. They can find help and support along with a like-minded community.

Being Used By God

‘I would say our character qualities are that we’re just honest about our everyday life,’ says Ashley. ‘We’re very normal and we want to show that anyone can have a love for God’s Word, fit it into their schedules and let it become a part of their everyday lives.’

Ashley, Taylor and Ellen all enjoy reading the comments, and are humbled to see how God is using them to encourage people. ‘We know that God is the one behind this. That’s why our prayer is always that He would get the glory, and that we’re just the tool that He’s using.’

‘We’re so excited to see that God has moved through Coffee & Bible Time, and we pray that He will do so in the future too.’

Listen to Ellen and Ashley’s full interview on 20Twenty below:

Visionathon Will you stand with us?
Visionathon Will you stand with us?